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Field Hockey Stick



Field Hockey Rules (simplified)
  • Whistler & Cypress Divisions Only

  • No scores or standings will be kept for the Grouse or Seymour Division

  • 3 Points for a Win, 1 for a Tie, 0 for a Loss. 1 point for shootout Win (no shootout for 2021 season)

Match Play Details
  • Matches can be co-ed (boys and girls)

  • Matches should start on time to allow for full match time

  • Every team should have their own medical kit and ice at all matches

  • Home teams are responsible for supplying and paying umpires.​

  • Umpires should be encouraged to coach and teach/explain the rules as the game goes on

  • Whistler, Cypress and Seymour Divisions -- Home teams must bring one competent umpire to the entire field or two junior umpires to do the game

  • Reach out to other clubs / umpires if you can’t find someone to do them

  • Grouse Divisions for every 2 teams you bring you need 1 umpire

  • Coaches can come on the field to help out with corners etc. to ensure safety and understanding

  • Warm Up: You may or may not have warm up space on the field. Please be considerate about teams playing on the field.

Grouse Divisions​
  • Over the past few years, the Premier Field Hockey League has developed a special game setup for the Grouse Division (our youngest players) to keep the amount of ball touches high and to challenge all players to actively participate and develop their field hockey skills.

  • When playing field hockey at a young age, the focus is to carry the ball into open space before a proper pass can be made. The two goals on the corners on each half avoids only playing through the center and encourages players to change direction and use the width of the field. Changing the ball direction around the back of the field is an important tactical skill to be learned at a young age.

  • Each ¼ field game will be umpired by a Game Supervisor organized by the home team. The Game Supervisors are junior club coaches/umpires and receive clear instructions; not only to explain the rules, but also to give basic coaching tips to both teams. Each week the Game Supervisor will give the players instructions to focus on 1 tactical tip. These tactical tips are based on a European Youth Program, which will guide our players through age appropriate tactical skills and encourage them to think for themselves.

Depending on field availability the teams play 3 or 4 quarter games:
  • 12 min quarter, 2 min quarter brake.

  • 1/4 min half break¼ field;

  • 4 small goals in the corners

  • Preferably 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4

  • Extra players can substitute

  • When there are extra players; Game Supervisor helps rotate them every 2-4 minutes

  • Players can just walk into the field and tap on their teammate's shoulder to sub.

The goal is to encourage the athletes to just play
  • Lots of touches on the ball

  • Small number of players on each team on the field at a time

  • Lean the game by just playing and learning by doing

  • Try to get away from “Me and My Ball” (encourage passing and use of space)

1/4 Field Hockey Rules
  • No feet

  • No wrong side of the stick

  • No hacking (applied strictly)

  • 5-meter distance rule for free hits

  • Ball over the back line is taken 5 meters away from the goal (no direct hits at goal, needs to travel 5 meters first)

  • Can only score when you are at attacking side of the field (over the center line)

  • No goalies (so no players constant lingering in front of the goal during the game)

  • Play the advantage, do not blow your whistle all the time

  • Explain the rule when the players do not understand the call

  • No score will be kept

  • If a team has a big goal differential; blow the whistle more often for their faults and compel them to make a few passes before scoring (this way the score will be balanced out a bit and the concerned team will be challenged more)

Seymour Division
  • Half field​ (Just Under) - 3/4 the length and 3/4 the width of the half field

  • 8v8, 7v7 (depending on the number of players

  • Circles set up on the field

  • No Penalty Corners - a shootout 1v1 in lieu of corners

  • One defender start in the net, shooter at the 25 yard line, all other players on the top of the far circle​

  • One the attacker touches the ball, everyone can move (pressure from behind to attack quickly and a defender in front to beat)

  • Tires in the net for goalies

  • No goalies

  • Coaches and umpires to teach the game

Whistler and Cypress Division
  • 7 + Goalie- 1/2 a field

  • Play 4x15 minutes with shootout at end

  • Only have 2 minutes between quarters –for a quick break and 1-2 coaching points

  • Umpires will start the game as soon as the 2 minutes are up regardless if teams are ready

  • Circles to be marked with flat rectangular cones as close to the real circle size (16 yards)

  • Rope is a great way to measure this and to ensure proper set up

  • Penalty Corners - Defensive players who are not one of the 4 players behind their respective goal line, must stand behind the oppositions 16 yard line until the ball is put into play (then they can run back to help defend)

  • Shootout follows immediately after the game (before shaking hand) (No Shootouts for 2020)

  • 5 shooters each team

  • Goalies to stand off baseline to keep shootouts rolling quickly

  • If tied after the 5 shooters, it goes to sudden death.

  • Shootouts need to have a winner.

  • ​In the event of a lopsided score, coaches can agree to add players onto the field from the team that is trailing, or subtract players from the leading team.

Reporting Scores
  • Email the below details (for Cypress & Whistler Division Only) to (must be received by Sunday following the Saturday match)

  • Division Name:

  • Match Date:

  • Location:

  • Teams Playing & Score

  • Shootout Winner

Home Team Responsibilities
  • Responsible for setting up and taking down field (circle and 23 meter line)

  • Placing flat rectangular cones for circle

  • Providing a match ball

  • Pinnies (for the home team) if there is a clash

  • ​Providing & Setting Up Goals (real goals or 6' Pugg goals for Grouse and Seymour Divisions)

  • Crofton House - Final team on the field must put the goals back off the field and track onto the concrete pad parallel with the shed up against the fence (see picture)

  • Clean up all items on the field and ensure benches are clean

Team Colours
  • Vancouver Hawks: White Shirt & Red Socks

  • Polar Bears: Black Shirt & White Socks

  • Sea to Sky: Blue or Grey Shirt & Blue or Grey Socks

  • Brunaby: Purple shirt, purple socks

  • West Vancouver: Burgundy Top, Black Skort, Burgundy Socks

Field Locations & Details
  • Wright Field, UBC - 3250 East Mall, Vancouver BC

  • Eric Hamber Turf Field - Oak Street, Vancouver (between 33rd and 37th Aveu)

  • Crofton House School - 3200 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3E1 (enter off Blenheim Street)​

  • Caribou High School - 8580 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC V3N 1S6

  • Mulgrave School - 2330 Cypress Bowl Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3H9

  • No dogs are allowed on the Mulgrave Campus (school policy)

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