League Details

All matches are played on Saturdays. League play is strength vs. strength​
Field Hockey Rules (simplified)
  • Whistler & Cypress Divisions Only
  • No scores or standings will be kept for the Grouse or Seymour Division
  • 3 Points for a Win, 1 for a Tie, 0 for a Loss. 1 point for shootout Win
Match Play Details
  • Matches can be co-ed (boys and girls)
  • Matches should start on time to allow for full match time 
  • Every team should have their own medical kit and ice at all matches
  • Umpires
    • Home field is responsible for supplying and paying umpires.​
      • Umpires should be encouraged to coach and teach/explain the rules as the game goes on
      • Whistler & Cypress Divisions -- Home teams must bring one competent umpire to the entire field or two junior umpires to do the game
        • Reach out to other clubs / umpires if you can’t find someone to do them
      • Seymour & Groouse Divisions for every 2 teams you bring you need 1 umpire
  • Coaches can come on the field to help out with corners etc. to ensure safety and understanding 
  • Warm Up: You may or may not have warm up space on the field. Please be considerate about teams playing on the field. 
  • Seymour & Grouse Divisions
    • One person will keep time for all games
    • One coach/umpire will warm-up all teams at the time listed on the schedule (no need to show up earlier
    • 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 depending on the number of players on each team
    • 1/8 of a field (no goalies & 2 goals to score on for both teams - use 6' Pugg goals)
      • Circles should be marked with flat cones 8 yards from each of the 4 goals
        • The ball must be touched by offensive player within this area to score
        • Rope is a great way to measure this and to ensure consistent field size
  • Seymour Division
    • 3 teams in league
    • 1 field and two coaches/umpires required
    • 1 match takes place at a time and the other team does relays when not playing a match
    • 1 field & 1 relay (1 min to switch = 4 min)
      • 3x8 minute games
      • 2 minute break
      • 3x8 minute games
      • Final 6 minute all teams doing relay
  • Grouse Division
    • ​3 fields = 3 umpires​
  • Whistler and Cypress Division
    • 7 + Goalie- 1/2 a field
    • Play 4x15 minutes with shootout at end
    • Only have 2 minutes between quarters –for a quick break and 1-2 coaching points
    • Umpires will start the game as soon as the 2 minutes are up regardless if teams are ready
    • Circles to be marked with flat rectangular cones as close to the real circle size (16 yards)
      • Rope is a great way to measure this and to ensure proper set up
      • Penalty Corners - Defensive players who are not one of the 4 players behind their respective goal line, must stand behind the oppositions 16 yard line until the ball is put into play (then they can run back to help defend)
      • Shootout follows immediately after the game (before shaking hand)
        • 5 shooters each team
        • Goalies to  stand off baseline to keep shootouts rolling quickly
        • If tied after the 5 shooters, it goes to sudden death.
        • Shootouts need to have a winner. 
    • In the event of a lopsided score, coaches can agree to add players onto the field from the team that is trailing, or subtract players from the leading team.
Reporting Scores
  •  Email the below details (for Cypress & Whistler Division Only) to info@premierfieldhockeyleague.com (must be received by Sunday following the Saturday match)
    • Division Name:
    • Match Date:
    • Location:
    • Teams Playing & Score
    • Shootout Winner
Home Team Responsibilities
  • Responsible for setting up and taking down field (circle and 23 meter line)
  • Placing flat rectangular cones for circle
  • Providing a match ball
  • Pinnies (for the home team) if there is a clash
  • ​Providing & Setting Up Goals (real goals or 6' Pugg goals for Grouse and Seymour Divisions)
    • Crofton House - Final team on the field must put the goals back off the field and track onto the concrete pad parallel with the shed up against the fence (see picture)
  • Clean up all items on the field and ensure benches are clean
Team Colours
  • Vancouver Hawks: White Shirt & Red Socks
  • Polar Bears: Black Shirt & White Socks
  • Sea to Sky: Blue or Grey Shirt & Blue or Grey Socks
  • Brunaby: Purple shirt, purple socks
  • West Vancouver: 
Field Locations & Details
  • Crofton House School - 3200 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3E1 (enter off Blenheim Street)​
  • Caribou High School - 8580 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC V3N 1S6
  • Mulgrave School - 2330 Cypress Bowl Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3H9
    • No dogs are allowed on the Mulgrave Campus (school policy)​​
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